Alexander Lemkin

Software Developer



I am extremely familiar with a multitude of tools, libraries, common practices, and platforms for use in development, and the full development lifecycle.

Research Implementation

Having conducted research, I am intimately familiar with the various demands that it requires.


Fancy random doughnut days, uplifted spirits, and cheerful greetings? Then I'm your man.


  • Java, C#, Ruby
  • Agile, UX, Full SDLC
  • MVC, AJAX, JQuery
  • RESTful, SOAP, .Net
  • Maven, Git, TFS
  • Spring, Hibernate, SQL
  • Unit/Integration Testing, C/C++
  • Linux, Mac, Windows


Auto Data Direct Inc.

Software Engineer

November 2016 - Present

Working on Full Stack development in open source tech.
Postgresql, Java, Html, CSS, JS, and various frameworks in between.

Since starting, have been engaged in numerous large projects,
becoming productive and useful in the suite of products within
just a few weeks of starting.

Currently working on the following products:
ADDTAG Services


Software Engineer

July 2015 - November 2016

Worked on Full Stack development cycle.
Was able to ramp up and fully and successfully contribute
to a large project within 3 weeks of being hired,
which shipped on time with full functionality,
after having been reduced in timeline due to my inclusion.

Contributed significantly on a small development team
to all of the web based products for Aderant inluding:
The MyView product

Built the importer process for most of the counties supported in DocketMonitor,
as well as contributing significantly to all other parts of the project:

Moved to a performance enhancement and research position:
- Successfully increased performance of several components within the Expert product.
- Working on internal tooling for company software development.
-Worked on a number of research related projects on the Expert Suite,
and contributed to the Expert Time product for releases.

AgileSrc, LLC

Software Engineer

July 2014 - June 2015

Worked on full software development cycle for projects. Design to production.
Built a majority of the back-end structure and API for engage-value, and some front-end:
- Engage Apps
Had a large hand in developing the suite of products under Karasu:
- Karasu Technologies
Worked on government contracted projects, most significantly the
- Environmental Data Cube some portions:
-- Multi-threaded KML processor, Satellite position calculating console applications
Performed inquiries and experimentation with new technologies and frameworks, and wiritng articles.

UCF Psychology

Java Android Developer

March 2014 - June 2015

Currently still providing support as needed, with all programs completed and being used for research purposes
Developed for Google Glass (Android) projects in Java.
Set up the technical aspects for experimentation in a Psychology lab.
Provide updates and support as the Glass API changes and different experiments need to be done.

- Through the Google Glass

UCF College of Sciences

Research Fiscal Analyst

March 2013 - June 2014

Handled the grant financials for research professors in the College of Sciences.
Included accounting, VB programming, and database management.

UCF College of Medicine

Undergraduate Researcher

April 2013 - January 2014

Performed research in the field of Biological Gerontology.
Received rigorous training in lab procedure, safety, and research methods.
Handled brain and skeletal muscle tissue of experimented mice.
Performed a multitude of DNA and protein analysis tests for the research study.
Properly recorded results and documented procedures.

Tools and Tech Used

  • Google Glass, Oculus Rift
  • Bitbucket, Github
  • Most IDEs
  • JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins
  • Jade, Less, Apache Commons
  • Electron, Node, Unicorn
  • Jetty, Docker, Vaadin
  • Amazon Alexa, Harp.js
  • Environmental Data Cube(EDC)


University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida

Interdisciplinary Studies(Biology, Computer Science)

Alexander Lemkin — [email protected]