Alexander Lemkin

Full Stack Web Developer


Software Engineer

Nov. 2018 - Present

  • C#, dotnet core, JavaScript, React, Redux, Sql Server, Git, Azure

Auto Data Direct Inc.

Full Stack Developer

Nov. 2016 - Nov. 2018

  • Java, JavaScript, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Git, Jenkins, AWS
  • Pivotal in the effort for restructuring, rebuilding and redesign of most products in the company, continuing to give all of the applications a fresh look, with cleaner code and greater maintainability
  • Engaged in leadership roles for projects that have company wide impact
  • Lead the effort on development of the new navigation across all customer and company facing products
  • Delivered a new internal, drop box style file sharing application from the ground up using React/Redux and Spark (Java)
  • Created fully functioning desktop application in Electron, using web technologies. Engaged in self motivated research, based on current need that we were trying to create a solution for, and implementation of the high profile desktop application. Delivered proof of concept, and shortly afterwards, a fully realized and deployable desktop application within a short period of time.
  • Currently contribute heavily to the architecture and technology stack of all new products in the company
  • I am consistently pushing the boundaries of our practices, and striving for continued excellence in our use of standards in the field and employing the latest technology stacks in a fully effective and efficient manner


Software Engineering Consultant

Mar. 2017 - Jan. 2018

  • .Net, AngularJS, JavaScript, C#, TFS, Azure, Sql Server
  • Actively engaged in and tackled every need i2x had, and maintained continuous contact with owners of the products and processes
  • Delivered large scale patient data importing processes for several of their contracts in SQL Server databases
  • Worked heavily on improvements and brand new features on the UI and API of their xReports product
  • Maintained ongoing processes for billing and data importing on certain contracts and customers
  • Performed and delivered results on research and implementation on cloud solutions using Azure


Software Engineer

Jul. 2015 - Nov. 2016

  • .Net, ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, WPF, Azure, Sql Server, XAML
  • Contributed significantly on a small development team to all of the web based products for Aderant including:

    CompuLaw Product Suite

  • From database to UI, fully built the DocketMonitor product
  • Moved to a performance enhancement and research position after successfully increasing the productivity and value of the products on the CompuLaw team
  • Successfully increased performance of several components within the Expert product suite.
  • Created and updated numerous internal tools for company software development.
  • Engaged in a number of research related projects on the Expert Suite, and contributed to the Expert Time product for releases
  • Spearheaded group learning and community developer involvement efforts, teaching learning sessions, and encouraging others to partake in the local tech meetings to better ourselves.

AgileSrc, LLC

Web Developer

Jul. 2014 - Jun. 2015

  • Java, JavaScript, Vaadin, BackboneJS, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery
  • Fully involved in full SDLC for most products in the company. Design to production.
  • Learned and created a majority of the API, and UI, for their flagship product Engage Value:

    Engage Apps

  • Applied myself as a core contributor in the suite of products under Karasu:

    Karasu Technologies

  • Engaged in the development and maintenance of large enterprise application government contracts

    Environmental Data Cube

  • Contributed significantly in new technologies for the company through exploration and proof of concept projects for a slew of new frameworks and languages.

UCF Psychology

Java Android Developer

Mar. 2014 - Jun. 2015

  • Java, Android, MatLab, Google Glass, TCP
  • Applied my capabilities to learn the brand new technology Google Glass
  • Evaluated and delivered every request from the psychology research team to enable them to perform new kinds of experiments
  • Continued to learn the api as it was constantly updated, and implemented numerous projects for use in the lab
  • Publications:

    Through the Google Glass

UCF College of Sciences

Research Fiscal Analyst

Mar. 2013 - Jun. 2014

  • Maintained rigorous accounting of grant financing for College of Sciences researchers
  • Revamped accounting and tracking system through the uses of Microsoft Access Suite
  • Learned and employed Visual Basic and integrated with all of the existing systems built through Excel

UCF College of Medicine

Undergraduate Researcher

Apr. 2013 - Jan. 2014

  • Engaged in rigorous research in the field of Biological Gerontology
  • Received extensive training in lab procedure, safety, and research methods
  • Employed actively learned techniques on collection and experimentation on brain and skeletal muscle tissue of GHRGK mice
  • Performed a multitude of DNA and protein analysis tests for the research study on long lived mice


Java, C#, Ruby, Agile, UX, Full SDLC, Electron, React/Redux, AJAX, JQuery, REST, AWS, .Net, Go, Git, Spring, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, Docker, SASS, Jenkins, JIRA, Linux, Mac, Windows


University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida

Biotechnology, Computer Science

Alexander Lemkin — [email protected] — Tallahassee, Florida